Friday, May 15, 2009

Grey's Anatomy Finale

hmmm... I don't know why I am so interested in Grey's Anatomy. {And further more, why I am going to blog about it!} But for some reason this show has seriously monopolized my Thursday evenings. In fact I have recently converted, or run down, my hubby's stanch opposition and last night we gathered around the boob tube to gain some much needed closure to the lingering questions of what will happen to Izzy and George.

Sometime in 2008, I was in San Francisco for the 150th time and we went to Sears Restaurant (very touristy breakfast joint near Union Square that my mother loves) and as my family and I were being seated, I walked right by T R Knight. Although I frequently would meet celebrities while living in LA, T R Knight's presence surprisingly catapulted me into starstruck, giddy mode. I immediately whipped out my iphone to look him up. My family adamantly refused to acknowledge that it really was him. So my dad bet me 20 bucks to walk over and ask him! Normally quite reserved about meeting strangers, I was hesitant to comply. When it reached 80, I finally was compelled to go over to him.

The guy is so friendly and sweet. He introduced me to his entire table and his partner. And to rub it in to my family that it was actually him, he turned around and waved to them and said, "Yes it is me!" So, needless to say, I am invested into the fate of his character and I would just hate to see him gone from the show. Especially when he appeared in that Army uniform! wow...

Okay, enough about tv land.

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